Review of the Firestorm 7 Slot Machine

Firestorm is a Timeless 3-Reeler

Rival’s Firestorm Seven is a throwback to the glory days of 3-reel slots. This online take on a classic turns up the visual heat, so we’re not just talking about regular slot machines. In our opinion, it is “plug and play” because the paytable and bonus game are so typical.

Each turn conceals a potentially valuable surprise—and given the game’s fiery aesthetic, that surprise may be extremely literal. The lighters are the highest multipliers, while the gas cans are the scatter symbols.

It features three reels and is styled like traditional one-armed bandits from the past. The main call to action button, often known as the ‘Spin’ button, is decorated with flickering flames when hovered over, demonstrating the game’s unwavering attention to detail. During gaming, the background is constantly populated with flaming whips, smoke, and lava balls.

New in Firestorm 7: Features

As was previously noted, the paytable is rather typical, and as a result, so are the features. As the paylines are pretty generous and may be “big money” during bonus spins, this is not a negative aspect. This game’s greatest strength also happens to be its greatest weakness. This is a great option for those who are familiar with, or nostalgic for, traditional mechanical slot machines.

Despite its focus on traditional slot mechanics, players will be thrilled to learn that a Free Spins bonus is included and ready to dish out some very sizzling prizes. When the Gas Tank icons unlock the Free Spins feature, the player may win up to 21 free games and a 3x multiplier. We did some research on this specific Rival slot and found that during the free spins mode, you may win as much as $225,000. This is very amazing stuff.

Our Conclusion

If you’ve found yourself in front of a Rival slots game, odds are you’ve played them before. Although it lacks the vivacity of Rival’s other slots, it more than makes up for it with its regular payline winning potential and scorching, melt your face Firefighter action.






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