An Overview of Peaky Blinders

Here is a first in the history of iGaming: Pragmatic Play’s first branded slot machine. The studio’s brilliant first move was to adapt the grim British TV series Peaky Blinders. The show’s harsh gangster vibe and enormous popularity bode well for the big screen. If you throw in some references to gambling from the show Peaky Blinders, you’re already ahead of the game. So, let’s have a look.

Taking place in Birmingham between the wars, Peaky Blinders is a period drama that you should definitely check out if you haven’t already. The Shelby crime family is shown as ruthlessly seeking material and political success at any cost. Fantastic hats, if you can overlook the razors sewed into them, in this take on the mafia set in the West Midlands.

The gameplay itself is more formulaic. The 5-reel, 20-payline playing area was designed by Pragmatic Play to look like a dark alley filled with grey buildings and smoke. The game has a great Peaky Blinders vibe thanks to the use of music from the show. The general aesthetic of Pragmatic’s first branded slot makes us think of games by Microgaming, the undisputed kings of the category.

With a respectable default RTP rating of 96.5%, Peaky Blinders can be played from 20 p/c to $/€100 per spin, across all devices. Pragmatic does not provide their trademark lightning bolt volatility meter. Horseshoes have been used instead, indicating a medium+ to high score (4.5/5).

The big payouts are all based on characters from the show. From low to high, we have Michael Gray, Polly Gray, Arthur Shelby, and hard man Thomas Shelby with his iconic hat. Landing a full line of these prizes is worth 5x to 20x the stake. Five low-paying 10 -A symbols, rendered in a hefty metallic style, round out the payouts. At maximum value, a line of five wilds can multiply your wager by 20x. The wild symbol, which appears on all reels, can be used in place of any of the standard pay symbols.

A Look Inside Peaky Blinders

Peaky the slot machine, in contrast to the personalities it depicts, is somewhat reserved in terms of bonus features. There are a few easy base game bonuses and free spins that can be activated for players.

Both the Shelby Betting Shop scatter and the By Order of the Peaker Blinders scatter might appear on the fifth and final reel. When they appear without any other bonus symbols, they activate the bonus for which they are called.

When the Shelby Betting Shop bonus is activated, any high-paying character symbols in view are awarded a sum of money. Totals are tallied and distributed accordingly.

When the By Order of the Peaky Blinders bonus is activated, all active win lines are paid out. The reels then re-spin as all visible character symbols or wilds change into the same matching symbol, increasing the potential for extra payouts.

Bonus symbols include the game’s logo, which appears only on reels 1 and 3. Free games are activated when two of them appear on the screen alongside any of the aforementioned scatters.

The free spins rounds are identical to the main game, with the exception of an increased number of scatter symbols. Shelby Betting Shop Scatters appear on Reel 5 throughout your 8 free games thanks to the Shelby Betting Shop Free Games feature. With By Order of the Peaky Blinders Free Spins, you get 10 bonus spins and an extra scatter symbol on reel 5. There is no way to activate either of these functions again.

The Final Say on Peaky Blinders

There are some aspects of a superb branded slot that Pragmatic Play has nailed, but overall the offering falls short. The studio, for one, has erred on the side of caution. Peaky Blinders follows a standard formula and doesn’t go crazy with special effects. When paying to use a brand, you don’t want to risk turning off the people you’re trying to reach.

To ensure that you are familiar with the source material, Pragmatic has included numerous in-jokes and allusions to the show. Pragmatic’s inclusion of so much recognizable artwork should please fans, and the company appears to have fulfilled all of the requirements for obtaining the license.

Pragmatic has done a decent job of evoking a certain spirit of interwar Britain fairly nicely. A sleazy undertone permeates the game, providing a ‘ends justify the means’ approach. It’s easy to picture an elderly member of the Shelby family in a swanky Manhattan cigar and whiskey bar, trying to forget the crimes they committed to reach where they are today. An in-depth analysis leads one to the conclusion that while Peaky Blinders may appeal to the show’s die-hard fans, the average viewer won’t find much to like.

Peaky Blinders doesn’t bring anything novel or very interesting to the table as a slot. Sadly, the initial excitement of recognizing old faces quickly fades, leaving nothing else to enjoy. More frequently than in most Pragmatic slots, features appear, but they don’t appear to do much. The review spent a lot of time mired in the same place, like an out of control boat being paddled by its sole occupant. It could be fun for a little light gambling, but you probably won’t find much more than that in Peaky Blinders. The Shelbys wouldn’t exactly crush their competition for a maximum payout of 2,022 times the investment.

Finally, Peaker Blinders is a must-see for its devoted audience. If you enjoyed the program, then testing out the time slot is a no-brainer. Don’t have too high of hopes for the game beyond a little bit of character spotting.






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